Freeman 2100

The Freeman 2100 (wingspan 2.1m) is a tilting vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing aerial survey UAV modified on the basis of the Believer.

Basic parameters

Material: EPO+ABS+Carbon Fiber

Wingspan: 2100mm

Fuselage: 1070mm

Disassembly method: tool-less disassembly

Load compartment size: 120*150*120mm

Transport box size: 1.1m×0.29m×0.43m


Maximum take-off weight: 6.5kg

Recommended payload: 600g


Take-off and landing mode: VTOL

Practical lift altitude:4000m

Recommended cruising speed: 65km/h (18m/s)

Wind resistance: Class 5

Flight time: 80min

Maximum range: 80km (600g load)


It can be widely used in topographic mapping, land survey, engineering survey, digital city, planning and construction, landscape planning, precision agriculture, environmental protection monitoring, ecological monitoring and other fields.

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