PIXPILOT V6 Flight Control Kit

The PixPilot V6 Flight Control System Kit contains a total of 5 modules.PixPilot V6 flight controller is equipped with a powerful H7 main processor, with a main frequency of up to 480Mhz. 2MBFlash, 1MBRAM, with faster code execution speed, to achieve higher control precision, and at the same time, has a wealth of peripheral expansion functions, safe and reliable, to meet the demanding requirements of a variety of application areas.


1.IMU is fully upgraded to ICM-4 series sensor, with higher measurement sensitivity and smaller zero-bias error.
2. Optimized flight control damping system reduces mid-frequency and high-frequency vibration to improve the accuracy of flight control attitude detection.
3. IMU built-in high-precision temperature compensation system, to ensure that the sensor has continuous stability and accuracy in high and low temperature environments.
4. Real-time monitoring of multi-channel sensor data, once a failure immediately perform redundant switching to improve flight safety.
5. Three sets of power supply inputs have over-voltage and low-voltage protection, and automatically switch the power supply according to the priority level to improve the reliability of the power supply system.
6. Multiple models, multiple ground station support, 12C/CAN HUB support multiple peripherals.

Specification Parameters

Hardware configuration
Main processorSTM32H743(32 Bit Arm Cortex-M7 480Mhz 2M Flash 1M RAM)
CoprocessorSTM32F103(32 Bit Arm Cortex-M3 72Mhz 64K Flash 20K RAM)
SensorICM-42688-P X2(Acceleration & Gyroscope)
ICM-40605 X1(Acceleration & gyroscope)
MS5611 X 2(Barometer)
Basic parameters
Power 11
Power 21
TF-card slot1
Shell materialCNC Aviation aluminum alloy
Operating temperature-10 ℃~55℃