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Aerial Survey UAVs

Fighter VTOL

The Fighter VTOL is a 10kg fixed-wing flight platform that is easy to carry, friendly to operate, stable and durable.

Fighter Hand Throw

The Fighter Hand Throw is a conventional aerodynamic layout fixed-wing flying platform.

News & Information

Mission Planner VTOL Survey aerial survey ground station software has been updated to v1.6

According to the feedback of aerial survey users, in line with the principle of simplicity and practicality, Mission Planner VTOL Survey V1.6 ground station on the basis of the official Mission Planner1.3.74 ……

Fighter mini VTOL aerial survey UAV system – simple, practical and lightweight

Striver mini VTOL is a 7KG class vertical take-off and landing UAV, which continues the classic aerodynamic layout, high reliability avionics system and modular design of the whole aircraft of Fighter VTOL……