PixPilot C3 flight control system

PixPilot C3 is a high-performance, small-size, lightweight autopilot, suitable for small fixed-wing, vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing, multi-rotor autopilot systems, with stable and reliable, simple installation, user-friendly features.

Product features:

1. Dual processors, providing safety redundancy and peripheral expansion for flight control, stable and reliable performance.

2. Strong impact resistance, high consistency, suitable for parachuting fixed-wing large overload landing.

3. Signal voltage switching, complex electromagnetic environment to enhance the rudder, ESC signal anti-interference ability.

4. All rows of pins and connector interfaces use three-dimensional design, USB and SD card is located on the top, easy to load.

5. Peripheral dual backup, support two peripherals at the same time, two sets of PMU, GPS, compass, airspeed meter, digital transmission to form a dual-redundant autopilot system, enhance the reliability of the aircraft.

6.AP custom firmware, MFE models are recommended to use MFE stable firmware, which integrates common functional parameters such as PID parameters and default configuration of MFE models; only need to calibrate the accelerometer, compass, remote control, battery monitor, ESC can be flight-tested to reduce the difficulty of debugging and reduce the risk of blowing up the aircraft.
For other models, please use ArduPilot official firmware for the time being.


Hardware configuration
Main processorSTM32F427(32 Bit Arm Cortex-M4 180Mhz 2M Flash 256K RAM)
CoprocessorSTM32F103(32 Bit Arm Cortex-M3 72Mhz 64K Flash 20K RAM)
SensorICM-42688-P X2(Acceleration and Gyro)
BMP388 X 2(Barometer)
Basic parameters
TF-card slot1
Shell materialEngineering plastics
Operating temperature-10 ℃~55℃