MFE T900 Pro Telemetry

T900 Pro is a cost-effective long-distance drone telemetry, the frequency range of 902-928Mhz, full-duplex serial link supports Mavlink or pass-through mode, supports serial port, WiFi or Bluetooth forwarding, you can monitor the flight data on the computer and mobile terminal.T900 Pro module can be exchanged between the sky side and the ground side.

Product Features:

1.Adopting 32-bit MCU, faster processing speed and lower data delay.
2.Adopt active temperature complementary crystal, long time working frequency does not drift.
3.Adopting FHSS frequency modulation and spread spectrum, strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance.
4.High uplink rate, support long-distance fast uploading of control commands.
5.Supports data forwarding by wiFi or Bluetooth, and the ground station is placed more flexibly.
6.Support wide voltage 3S-12S input, eliminating the need for UBEC independent power supply module.
7.Aviation aluminium alloy shell, electromagnetic shielding, durable, good heat dissipation effect

Product Parameter