PIXSURVEY V3 Flight Control System Kit

PixPilot V3 flight control system is a general-purpose flight control developed on the basis of open-source flight control FMU V3. It adopts the stable and reliable F427 processor, which comprehensively improves the performance of IMU sensors and adapts to more working environments. It is characterized by stable performance, simple installation, and humanized use.


1.IMU is fully upgraded to ICM-4 series sensor, with higher measurement sensitivity and smaller zero-bias error.
2. Optimized flight control damping system reduces mid-frequency and high-frequency vibration to improve the accuracy of flight control attitude detection.
3. IMU built-in high-precision temperature compensation system, to ensure that the sensor has continuous stability and accuracy in high and low temperature environments.
4. Real-time monitoring of multi-channel sensor data, once a failure immediately perform redundant switching to improve flight safety.
5. Three sets of power inputs have over-voltage and low-voltage protection, and automatically switch power supply according to priority to improve the reliability of the power supply system.
6. Dual processors work efficiently together, the heat is conducted through the heat-conducting silicone, avoiding processor heat degradation, reducing heat dissipation on the IMU thermostat system interference, increasing flight control safety.

Specification Parameters

Hardware configuration
Main processorSTM32F427(32 Bit Arm Cortex-M4 180Mhz 2M Flash 256K RAM)
CoprocessorSTM32F103(32 Bit Arm Cortex-M3 72Mhz 64K Flash 20K RAM)
SensorICM-42688-P X2(Acceleration & Gyroscope)
ICM-40605 X1(Acceleration & Gyroscope)
MS5611 X 2(Barometer)
Basic parameters
Power 11
Power 21
TF-card slot1
Shell materialCNC Aviation aluminum alloy
Operating temperature-10 ℃~55℃